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About Us


The Accessories Specialist since 1880

"Since 1880 our company history has proven that long-term success is attributable to effort and work. Maintaining this tradition is passed on by experiences which demonstrates, that despite all technical progress, unstable political conditions and changes in economic variables, it is the devotion to the company, joy in the task and hard work, that lay the unchanging basis for a successful company future."

- Arthur Fraas, 3rd Generation Fraas


FRAAS is an affordable luxury, scarf and accessories brand from the house of V. FRAAS. V. FRAAS, named after its founder, Valentin Fraas (pictured above) has been manufacturing scarves and textile accessories in Germany for over 135 years. In 1880, Valentin Fraas began as a hand weaver, making scarves, neckerchiefs and shawls in his one-man operation in Wüstenselbitz; a small Upper Franconian town with a prominent textile tradition. Then, weavers could produce a maximum of 143 scarves a day. Today, in the fifth generation of V. FRAAS, we produce more than 280 times as many, every day!


Around the world, in 25 locations, 600 employees are working for V. FRAAS; up to twelve million scarves are manufactured annually. Our company-owned manufacturing locations have made V. FRAAS the world's leading manufacturer in the distribution and sale of scarves and textile accessories.


At V. FRAAS we also develop custom-designed lines for private labels. Many renowned domestic and international companies use our manufacturing and services for their own brands. Which is why we wanted to give customers special line of our own hence, "FRAAS – THE SCARF COMPANY," which has been offered since 2006. FRAAS is rooted deep in family tradition and values as it is still a family owned and operated company over 135 years later. Each FRAAS collection is creatively directed by our German design team in the same small Upper Franconian town where our story began. 


The philosophy FRAAS is expressed through high standards in design and in product quality. Scarves are our history, our passion and our heritage. We are the scarf company, "Scarves are our world."