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Folk Fusion

Spring / Summer Collection
 Folk Fusion

Tradition meets modernism.

Don’t worry - this isn’t about folk music, selling you any kind of folkloric costume or encouraging you to ‘ring-around-a-rosy’ with flowers in your hair. However, our trend topic ‘Folk Fusion’ is inspired by all the things we love about tradition. Add some ethnic influences and a sprinkling of exotica and you will end up with some pretty exceptional fabrics. We have combined bold and warm spice tones such as cinnamon, curry and saffron with vivid blue and aqua hues. Of course, we didn’t forget about folk-inspired prints and handmade details such as fringing and embroideries; adding the finishing touch to our collection of scarves, stoles and squares. Another essential detail of ‘Folk Fusion’ is the large amount of natural fibres that we have used in combination with flowing fabrics such as viscose, modal and silk.

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