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Made in Germany

Made in Germany
 FRAAS Classics | Cashmink

Inspecting each fibre before it is made into our unique scarves.


Many of our scarves (primarily winter scarves) are still being woven, warp knitted and finished in Germany. At our German facilities in Wüstenselbitz and Helmbrechts a total of 280 employees are making their contribution to sustainability daily. At these facilities, with over 16,000 m² in Wüstenselbitz they produce scarves and textile accessories in the yarn warehouse, spooling, warping, weaving and warp knitting departments as well as in the logistics centre. In Helmbrechts (about 8,000 m²) the products pass through the raw goods warehouse, fringing, dyeing, wet finishing, dry finishing and cut and sew departments. Nearly 70% of the yarns we use in our "Made in Germany" scarves are spun and dyed in the Upper Franconian region around Wüstenselbitz/Helmbrechts. In this way our scarves can be manufactured and distributed conserving energy and resources.


Textile, proven trust: This is more important than ever with the surplus of allergy provoking dyes and materials hostile to the skin. Independant testing for hazardous substances shed light on this subject to educate consumers and guarantee that our textiles  are safe for your heath. The Oeko-Tex® certification by the Hohensteiner Institute in Germany, is based on a uniform and scientific test for detecting potentially hazardous substances. The Oeko-Tex® label signifies a guarantee for dermatalogically safe textiles and can help them make a decision when purchasing clothing and accessories. Having been tested by the Hohensteiner Institute we at FRAAS have the right to use the The Oeko-Tex® label "Textiles Vertrauen" Oeko-Tex® standard 100 for the following "Made in Germany" products: scarves and blankets of cotton-solid colors (piece dyed), patterns (yarn dyed) and melanges; scarves and blankets of polyacrylic including the brand Cashmink®-solid colors (piece dyed), patterns (yarn dyed) and melanges; scarves and blankets of camel hair, cashmere and pure wool-solid colors (piece dyed), patterns (yarn dyed) and melanges. When we use the "Textiles Vertrauen" certificate we commit ourselves to label with the Oeko-Tex® label only those goods that conform to the testing samples. This conformity with the testing samples is also checked by independent audits.

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